For Travelers, by Travelers

You’ve heard that the journey is more important than the destination?  Well, the trip needs to be planned first.

On one hand, Expedia is an online travel company. On the other, we’re a partner in countless stories; honeymoons, million-dollar business deals, a child’s first trip to the beach…we make these things happen. We love travel and we want to make it easier for everyone to share our passion. Travel lets us find beauty in the unexpected places of the world, in crowded marketplaces or in the eerie morning fog of the countryside. Share the joy of travel with the world and you’ll find that the greatest voyage of your career might be with us.

We’re looking for people who are just as enthusiastic as we are when it comes to travel. People who get giddy while planning a trip. People who have lists of places they want visit.  And people who can’t stand making lists. We want people who recognize that technology is how we’re going to make travel simpler and more accessible. People who understand that travel isn’t about Point A and Point B. It’s about everything in between. Similarly, this company isn’t just about the end result. We need to be happy, stimulated and fulfilled. If that’s what you want too, we would love to hear from you.

We’re Everywhere

We’re constantly sourcing new hotels, flights, car, and cruise promotions to provide the best deals available.

The World is our Office


“The company provided me an opportunity to work in Rome, Italy. It was so rewarding to work with a new set of people and learn about their culture. I moved to Rome for over a year as the project developed. I have remained friends with several of the people I met there and I get to see them when I go to our Rome, Milan, and London offices. It is great having friends across the world!”
– Jacki, Expedia

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Travel isn’t Just a Product- it’s a Lifestyle


“We put our money where our mouth is when we talk about being passionate about travel. It shows in our benefits, it shows in our willingness for a global workforce, and it shows in our investment in travel where needed to ensure our teams are engaging with critical stakeholders around the world.”
-Lanny, Expedia

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