Lodging Partner Services

Travel Matchmaker

We’d like to think we’re part of a hotels success and a travelers smile in a new destination. Partnerships are what fuel us forward as we connect people and places around the globe.

Working with hotels and destination services to bring travelers to them is Expedia’s bread and butter. Our global reach can help a hotel that’s at half-capacity at noon be full and bustling by sundown. That power is driven by systems, which provide streamlined bookings and access to global consumers, so our partners feel the value of working with us.

Lodging Partner Services covers anything that has to do with hotels. We’re there to create customer-hotel relationships that couldn’t have existed without our systems. Our technology acts as a matchmaker, giving clients that perfect weekend getaway and ensuring that dust never has time to settle in our partner hotels. Our technology results in continually improving platforms that hotels use to interact with the Expedia database to increase their inventory and content. It’s exciting and it’s important.