Market Management

Bringing Home the Goods

For us, market management is an ongoing relationship, something to treasure and take pride in. We challenge ourselves every day.

Our Market Management team is dedicated to developing partnerships with hotels around the world to deliver best-in-class booking options for our global travelers. Our goal is to help our partners do better business. We aren’t simply selling a product; we’re nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Our team believes trust and value have the biggest impact on the company’s bottom line.

We need our team to have an in-depth understanding of Expedia technology so they can explain to hoteliers how to navigate the changing landscape of online travel. We’re passionate and driven because we know that the systems we have developed make everyone’s lives easier.


Do What You Love

Working for Expedia we get to experience the same product that we deliver to millions of people each year: the joy of traveling. Our network of brands spans the globe and we have the opportunity to work in sunny California, the piazzas of Rome, the cobbled streets of London and many other locations. As part of the market management team, a lot of our work takes us to hotels across the world. From the roulette tables of the Las Vegas strip to the turquoise water surrounding a Maldives resort, we get a taste of the best the hospitality industry has to offer.


Be Essential

The Market Management team is the lifeblood of Expedia. Our engineers have developed an incredible set of resources and it’s up to us to transport that to hoteliers and travelers the world over. We source new clients. We form long-lasting partnerships with them and they drive our business. It’s an exciting feeling, knowing that this company’s growth and success are our responsibility. Expedia runs on our energy. If you thrive taking on big responsibilities, then our market management team could be the perfect fit for you.


Stand Out

Expedia recognizes the important contributions its employees, at every level, make toward the company’s success. We make sure our associates are well positioned for career growth and mobility. And we care about the little things, whether it’s a congratulatory email or a full-blown promotion party, we know that high quality work deserves respect. We’re always looking for people of high caliber who add value to our business. The online travel space is a billion dollar industry and is still poised for enormous growth. If you have a passion for travel and building relationships, partner with us.

Open Positions

Global Market Management


Our Mandate
Global Market Management is one of our most important teams and accounts for the bulk of our hiring. We’re charged with bringing in lodging partners –hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts – and taking care of their needs. We work across all brands within the Expedia family. On a day-to-day basis, Market Management powers the supply for Expedia, handling existing clients and reaching out to new ones. We drive the revenue for the entire company.

Why Us?
This isn’t your average team. We don’t try and sell our technology to the client only to pack up and leave. We build long-term relationships with our lodging partners. We believe in the solutions that our technology provides. We follow through on the promises we make. This requires strategic thinking and a genuine enthusiasm for travel. At the end of the day, when not a single room in a hotel is gathering dust, that means we’ve delivered and we live for that feeling.

Rewarded For Our Passion

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