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Pushing the frontiers of technology is what drives us here at Expedia. It’s what made us the world’s largest online travel company. Across every continent (even Antarctica), we link travelers to 240,000 hotels, hundreds of airlines, and countless destination service partners. To do this, we need the smartest solutions and the most up-to-date technology. At Expedia, we have some of the best technological minds at work finding ways to make travel easier.

Our system is designed to simplify traveler’s journeys. We want people to spend more time looking out the window than at their screens. We want them to have a stress-free journey, secure in the knowledge that they found the best deal for them. We make that happen by continually improving our technology. A commitment to innovation ensures that we’re always tinkering with what we have, trying to bring travelers one step closer to their dream destination.

Grow With Us

At Expedia, working hard and doing well brings rewards; you’ll have recognition from those around you, accolades that show our appreciation for you, and an upward trajectory for your career. We’re a travel company, so if you want to see the world you’ll find tremendous mobility between our global offices. We’re a young company at heart, so expect high-fives and celebratory parties at the drop of a hat. Travel is meant to be exciting and fun, so is working at Expedia.


Forever Enterprising

We began as a small online travel booking site and have since expanded to be the industry leader, a company with an extensive brand portfolio and numerous affiliates. At our core we still retain the start-up energy of our beginnings. We know that it’s ideas that move us forward, not bureaucracy or office politics. Technology made us what we are and we’re passionate about simplifying big ideas.

We Make Stuff Happen

When a traveler chooses Expedia, we take on the responsibility of giving them exactly what they want – destination research, trip planning, booking their seat, ideas for what to do once they arrive, and personal reviews of hotels. Our systems turn all those tasks into a quick series of clicks. For hotels and airlines that partner with us, we bring them the right customers and increase their direct bookings. We provide advertisers with the opportunity to target a highly valuable audience. What makes that all possible are technologies that we own, that we’ve developed in-house, and that we’re very proud of.

Open Positions

  • technologyguy

    Global Technology and Operations

    Our Mandate
    We support all the brands of Expedia with tech help, infrastructure, meta-services, and transaction services. If a fellow employee needs help better utilizing an existing system, we’re there.

    Why Us
    Global Technology and Operations, like the words suggest, puts you in touch with the world. You’ll be working with offices in Europe, India, and the United States. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to work with any of the brands under Expedia so there’s that much more opportunity for career growth. We’re looking for data developers and other innovators who are interested in and motivated by cutting-edge work.

    data-2Enterprise Data Warehouse

    Our Mandate
    Big data isn’t a buzzword or science project here; it is just a part of daily life at Expedia, Inc. for our business and technology teams. The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) team is on the hunt for experienced game-changers, looking for talented individuals that can deliver high quality BigData solutions. We are using a blend of open source along with traditional EDW technologies to operate systems at scale and push further into the petabyte abyss. Technologies in use are: Hadoop, HBase, Flume, Storm, R, Cassandra, DB2, Teradata, Informatica, Tableau, Business Obj, and Qlikview.

    As part of this team, you will be on the forefront as we move to our next gen platforms of Expedia.


    Why Us
    The headquarters for Enterprise Data Warehouse is in Bellevue, WA but we have opportunities across the globe. We’re looking for data developers and others who are interested in and motivated by cutting-edge work.

    engineers-1Expedia Worldwide Engineering

    Our Mandate
    Expedia Worldwide Engineering is a division under Expedia and our job is to make sure that anyone on the planet who is using our resources is receiving correct information. We manage every single URL related to Expedia and also handle all the issues, advances and changes that occur in our system. We’re the nerve center that keeps the world’s largest online travel company connected. Our team is vast. We’ve got developers, information architects, test managers, design engineers and more job descriptions than we can count. The people you’ll work with here are at the forefront of their fields. At Expedia, we know that it’s our technologically adept employees that drive us so we ensure that they move upward and that no career progress is stalled by bureaucracy.


    Why Us
    We’re the face of Expedia. Aspiring travelers come to our site, interact with technology that we’ve created, and that’s where their journey begins. Since we control the experience consumers have, it’s up to us to improve and upgrade that experience. We’re trying to improve usability so we’re designing new systems, testing them, and picking them apart. There is no ceiling to enhancing user experience. We always want fresh perspectives, including yours, to push us further.

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